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First Pillar of Islam, READ!

After his name “Allah”, the second most repeated word is “ilm”, meaning knowledge/science.
Allah wrote the Quran for men of understanding and he taught with the pen.
Therefore the first and foremost pillar of Islam is IQRA, Read.

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The power of the word READ!!!!!

Why do you need 1400+ years of history when the Quran changes with times?

Quran changes with time, sounds wrong...I know.

The Quran is written for ALL of mankind. From before us till after us.

2.2 That book, in it no doubt, IN IT A GUIDANCE for the God conscious

The story isn't about them, we are not accountable for their actions.
The book is for now.

It changes with time. Everything else time changes.

If the Quran began with "In the beginning" (Like the bible) or Once upon a "time" it will be set in time.

96.1 Read

Read is the most powerful word in any language.

"Knowledge is the key to life" and reading is the only way to unlock it.

Not just reading our glorious book of guidance but reading life itself. You don't have to be lost in its words to be reading, you can also achieve it while standing, sitting and lying on our sides. 

Read therefore is not only the best introduction to any book, but life. 

It defines us as humans. We may not be the fastest or strongest in the animal kingdom but we are the smartest. We can tame a lion and catch an elephant and everything comes down to this one word, Read.

Before our prophet could warn us, it is the first requirement Allah set in place for him. He had to read so it’s not only the introduction to a book but to our Prophet. 

Now when we read the same words, it is the Quran interacting with us, talking to us. It is the Holy Spirit being woken up inside of us, speaking through our minds to our hearts.

Read means to contemplate, understand and decipher. It means to respect and reason.
It is Allah's commandment to listen to his words and ourselves.

Read doesn't get old with time. For every person who opens the book, it renews itself and presents to them the best presentation. Which other Hadith after this, could they believe.

If the Quran means to recite, reading is the only way we can achieve this.
Allah gave us the book so we can read about our past prophets and the best examples they set. With their leadership, we will be successful in the book of our life. Examples they set so we can continue in time with guidance and the light.
Could Allah have given us anything more beautiful than "Read"?

Everything you are required to do as a Muslim is listed in this one word. 

Below I have listed the meaning of the word Read in the dictionary. 

Reading is a multi-dimensional cognitive process of decoding symbols for the purpose of deriving meaning (reading comprehension) and/or constructing meaning.

It is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Readers may use a variety of reading strategies, such as: decoding (to translate symbols into sounds or visual representations of language), using morpheme, semantics, syntax and context cues (to identify the meaning of unknown words), or activating prior knowledge (schemata theory).

Definition: of Read
The act of one who reads; perusal; also, printed or written matter to be read.

Definition: Study of books; literary scholarship; as, a man of extensive reading.

Definition: A lecture or prelection; public recital.

Definition: The way in which anything reads; force of a word or passage presented by a documentary authority; lection; version.

Definition: Manner of reciting, or acting a part, on the stage; way of rendering.

Definition: An observation read from the scale of a graduated instrument; as, the reading of a barometer.

Definition: Of or pertaining to the act of reading; used in reading.

Definition: Addicted to reading; as, a reading community.

Definition: the act of measuring with meters or similar instruments; "he has a job meter reading for the gas company"

Definition: the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message; "he enjoys reading books"

Definition: a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument; "he could not believe the meter reading"; "the barometer gave clear indications of an approaching storm"

Definition: a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

Definition: written material intended to be read; "the teacher assigned new readings"; "he bought some reading material at the airport"

Definition: a particular interpretation or performance; "on that reading it was an insult"; "he was famous for his reading of Mozart"

Definition: a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance; "the program included songs and recitations of well-loved poems"

The word "Read" in itself explains it ain't stuck 1400+ years ago.

It is was written for me now and for my future.

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