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A Study of Adam

This article will be covering the following topics.

  • Were they really in heaven?

  • Were Adam and spouse alone?

  • Why did the Angels yield/bow to Adam?

  • Why did Adam eat from the tree?

  • What is Adam to us, metaphorically?

  • Will Adam be blind on the day of judgement?


Were they really in heaven?

Adam and his spouse were removed from their heavenly state,

not the final destination heaven.


There are 5 different types of heavens mentioned in Quran 5


Heaven is the generic terminology used for outer space.



The heavenly state like that which Adam and spouse were in.

  • This is a heaven on Earth. Adam was created on Earth and with Earthly materials.

  • Adam and spouse had a test within his heaven. A test means they cannot be in the eternal heaven which can only come after our test is marked, not while sitting a test.

  • In this heaven, the devil can also enter. Heaven is sinless and the devil as the Quran states will be in hell, not heaven.

  • Evil inclinations do exist but are hidden from us.

7:20 Then whispered to both of them the Shaitaan to make apparent to both of them what was concealed from both of them of their shame. And he said, "(Did) not forbid you both your Lord from this [the] tree except that you two become Angels or you two become of the immortals."



This heaven is after a successful life and death.

This is when the Quran mentions they are not dead but alive. It is in a state of wait until time itself dies.

The Quran also mentions in this period we can be recreated into anything (17.49-51)


17:49-51 And they say, "Is it when we are bones and crumbled particles, will we surely (be) resurrected (as) a creation new."
Say, "Be stones or iron.

Or a creation of what (is) great in your breasts."

Then they will say, "Who will restore us?"

Say, "He Who created you (the) first time."

Then they will shake at you their heads and they say, "When (will) it (be)?"

Say, "Perhaps that (it) will be soon."


When it says in 17.50 say "Stones or Iron" it means stones being an earthly material, iron being a heavenly material (or anything in between)



This heaven is after time dies and we are being judged, better known as that Day.

That day in the sight of our lord will be like a thousand years

22.47 And they ask you to hasten the punishment. But never will Allah fail (in) His Promise. And indeed, a day with your Lord (is) like a thousand year(s) of what you count.


It will consist of 4 gardens for the successful (Surah al-waqia)

This is when the Quran talks about couches and silk, rivers of milk, honey etc



The final heaven is AFTER the judgment has been complete 

The ones who failed will witness Gog and Magog who come only AFTER judgment. 


The separation has occurred, that is the believers have been separated from the unbelievers and only then, do the unbelievers see Gog/Magog, the believers will not see/hear it and kept from it.


21.101-102 Indeed, those has gone forth for them from Us the good, those from it (will be) removed far.  Not they will hear (the) slightest sound of it and they in what desire their souls will abide forever.

This means after the day is completed Gog and Magog will then appear only to the bad and at the beginning of hell. They are the doors to hell.


On that day while the unbelievers are witnessing this event the believers will see 

21:104 rolling up of the heavens

66:8 ... Our Lord! make perfect for us our light, and grant us protection, surely Thou hast power over all things.


So the final heaven is the only heaven which is outside the earthly domain and it is when we become light  


Why did the Angels

yield/bow to Adam?

Adam was the first person to complete Bismillahirahmanirahimi

He was born in Rahman and only had to give thanks, then after sinning,

He received the words of mercy and delivered to his people the words of Rahim

The words or Rahim he received were delivered was to the others.


This can be seen in the following ayats


2.36 But the Shaitan made them both fall from it, and caused them to depart from that (state) in which they were; and We said: Get forth, some of you being the enemies of others, and there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time.


In 2.36 Adam and spouse are removed


2.37 Then Adam received (some) words from his Lord, so He turned to him mercifully; surely He is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful.


Adam received the words of Mercy


2.38 We said: Go forth from this (state) all; so surely there will come to you a guidance from Me, then whoever follows My guidance, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.


In 2.38 it clearly states they were removed..... But it can't be Adam and spouse, they were already removed and Adam received words of mercy already

So this removal of All in 2.38 is to everyone else in a blissful state


Then Allah says in 2.38 whoever follows my guidance.....


The guidance that Adam received in 2.37 on how to find mercy.


So Adams task was to deliver the words of mercy onto everyone born in Rahman completing the Bismillahirahmanirahimi


I also believe we are all Adams.


To be born in a state of bliss or positives requires nothing but thanks.


When he reached a certain age, after being educated he committed a sin and the art of asking for mercy was created.


We are born in states of bliss. We are educational sponges who absorb everything around us. Even if raised bad or you are bad child,at this age the severity/extent/ implications of our mischief is not fully understood.


Once we reach the age of puberty our (as the Quran puts it) evil inclinations are revealed to us. Not that it wasn't there, just our awareness of it was hidden or not understood to its potential. Then we begin the process of asking for mercy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.26.59 am.png

Will Adam be blind on the day of resurrection?


Read these ayats


And We had entrusted to Adam from before, but he forgot, <---------

(Here it mentions that he forgot)

and We did not find in him the will power.

And We said to the angels: "Yield to Adam." They all yielded except for Satan, he refused. So We said: "O Adam, this is an enemy to you and your mate. 

So do not let him take you out from the paradise, else you will have hardship."

"You will have in it that you will not go hungry nor need clothes."

"And you will have in it that you will not go thirsty nor suffer from heat."

But the devil whispered to him, 

he said: "O Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of immortality and a kingdom which will not waste away?" So they both ate from it, and their bodies became apparent to them, and they began to place leaves on themselves from the paradise

Adam had disobeyed his Lord, and had gone astray <----


Then his Lord recalled him, 

and He forgave him, and gave guidance to him. <---


He said: "Descend from this, all of you, for you are enemies to one another. So, when My guidance comes to you, then, whoever follows My guidance, he will not go astray nor suffer."

"And whoever turns away from My remembrance, then he will have a miserable life, and We will raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection."


He said: "It was the same when Our revelations came to you, you forgot them, and similarly today you will be forgotten."



This HE SAID is referring to Adam and no one else.

So why was he or will he be raised blind on that day, even though he was forgiven?


The answer is



He is the One who has created you from one person, and He made from it its mate to reside with. When he dwelled with her, she became pregnant with a light load, and she continued with it; then when it became heavy, they called on God, their Lord:

"If You give us an upright child, then we will be among the thankful." <----


The above ayat is interpreted to mean Adam and spouse, mainly because it explains our origins. coming from one person and spreading.

In the ayat Adam and spouse ask for a goodly/righteous child, he was granted a good son that was killed by his brother as mentioned in 5:27


After been given this goodly child, we are told..........


7:190 But when He gave them an upright child, they set up partners with Him in what He had given them. God be exalted above what they set up as partners.


Another Possibility

If we translate the above ayat to be Adam and spouse, then we must accept Adam will be blind upon resurrection, due to their setting up partners. 


There is a possibility that Adam will not be blind on that day and that is if we accept Adam wasn't alone and was a community removed from their heavenly state.


There is Quranic evidence that Adam and spouse may have been the first to be removed but they weren't the only ones.


Here is the Adam narration with.

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