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A Possible theory to explain

The BIrth of Isa

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The birth of ISA explained via science


If Science can prove EVERYTHING, can it explain the Birth of Isa?


To begin with let me explain this ayat.

3:59 Surely Isa’s example with The God is as example of Adam. 

He created him of dust then He said to him, 

“Be” then he was.


Isa was not made from NOTHING. He didn’t miraculously become in the womb 

BUT came from DUST (or a combination of worldly produces materials/compounds)


Many misunderstand BE and it is. In summary, Be and it is means everything was made in perfect measure and never needs to be changed (or the impossible happening), Be and it is doesn't mean its something supernatural


It means it was set in place before it was.

Click Here for the article "BE and we experience IT"


We already have established he was created within the confounds of science; 

Coming from nothing is unimaginable because it goes against the laws of science and logic.


By his permission, I will also try and explain how a virgin can also give birth.


The first miracle of the birth of Isa is in the birth of his mother, Mariyam.

Lets study the evidence and I will compile it all at the end.





3.36-37..... and I have named it Mariyam, and I commend her and her offspring into Thy protection from the accursed Shaitan. 


We find the mentioning of her FUTURE offspring being mentioned here.

When the revelation of a child comes to a prophet the revelation comes at the TIME of conception, not before. In comparison when Ibrahim receives news about Ishaq or when Zakeriya receives news about Yahya they are both at time of conception.


Yet Isa is mentioned here at the time of his mothers birth.




she said: My Lord! Surely I have brought it forth a female

and Allah knew best what she brought forth

and the male is not like the female,

and I have named it Mariyam, 

We find specifically at her birth the mentioning of the male gender.

A male is not like the female meaning a male was present to some degree.




And mention Mariyam in the Book, when she withdrew herself 

 from her family seeking guidance. So she took a veil (to screen herself) from them; then We sent to her Our spirit, 

and there appeared to her a well-made man.


Compare it to the related ayat:



And We made the son of Mariyam and his mother a sign, 

and We gave them a shelter on a lofty ground having meadows and springs. 


When she withdrew herself she was given lofty grounds having meadows and springs but here in 23.50 it mentions "WE GAVE THEM". A PLURAL, signifying Isa was present with Mariyam. This is BEFORE the angel visited and revealed Isa to Mariyam (19:18 onwards)


Again Isa is present.



3:37 …

Every time Zachariah entered upon her in the temple enclosure,

he found provisions with her.

He said: “O Mary, from where did you get this?”

She said: “It is from God, for God provides for whom He wishes 

without reckoning.”


How does Mariyam receive provisions? 

Compare it to this ayat.


Isa the son of Marium said: O Allah, our Lord! send down to us food from heaven which should be to us an ever-recurring happiness, to the first of us and to the last of us, and a sign from Thee, and grant us means of subsistence, and Thou art the best of the Providers.


She (Marium) is not a prophet BUT eventually does give birth to a prophet that can bring provisions from Allah,


- Again 3:37 she is receiving provisions BEFORE Isa was revealed to her.


To reiterate......

  1. He was dust within her womb AT her birth.

  2. He was mentioned at his mothers birth

  3. Male is mentioned at his mothers birth

  4. He was with her before the angel (when she secluded herself from her family)

  5. He was doing miracles from within her womb before the angel came.


There is a simple explanation.

This is called “FETUS IN FETU”.  

As the name suggests..

It is when one fetes develops within the other.


Mariyam and Isa were twins,

both the children on Imran,

one inside the other.

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Some may ask "then why did the angel come, if Isa was already present within her womb?"


Isa was present but required the knowledge to become a prophet.


He was TAUGHT the Torah and Injeel according to the Quran.


...... and I taught you the Scripture and the wisdom, and the Torah, and the Injeel…..


To be taught you MUST have a period of learning.

At his birth, Isa was already speaking.



But then he called to her from beneath her

"Do not be sad, your Lord has made below you a stream."


Isa spoke to Mariyam here for the first time. This is why Marium had no problem in signaling for the baby to speak the truth.


So she pointed to him. <--- Marium already knew he could speak

They said: "How can we talk to someone who is a child in a cradle"


When Isa was born he already knew the Torah, Injeel and speech.

In the book of Allah he says 

96.1 READ


Isa has to agree to his laws. Read and learn, he couldn't just miraculously learnt the language but required a period of learning.

When was Isa taught?



So she conceived him, 

and she withdrew with him to a remote place. <—this second “him” is not Isa


When you “conceive” a child, no matter where you go the baby goes.

This second “him” is referring to the “well made man” that was already being addressed prior to these ayats. 

The well made man assisted her pilgrimage to the place of birth AND taught the womb the Torah and Injeel


5:110 God said: 

"O Jesus son of Mary, 

recall My blessings upon you 

and your mother 

that I supported you <— “well made man/angel

with the Holy Spirit;  <— “well made man/angel

you spoke to the people in the cradle 

and in old age; 

and I taught you the Scripture <—— The well made man/angel taught Isa

Who taught Isa?

Using the Bible as a historical reference the ONLY similarity between the births of Isa narration and the Quranic version is the angels appearance to Mary.

The most obvious difference with his birth is Joseph the Carpenter, biblically her husband and not mentioned in the Quran; but was he?


In the Quran she was approached by a well made man, Could this not be the same character? i.e Joseph the Carpenter.


His account in the bible is limited to 

  • Matthew 1:20 he saw in a dream to marry her

  • Matthew 2:13 he saw in a dream to take her away

and the only other mention of him is in third person.


What if Joseph is Gabriel, the well made man that assisted her on the pilgrimage and while taking her on this journey (as witnessed by the disciples) he taught the womb the torah and incil? 

Hence when Isa was born it would explain why he could speak.


The angel came to START the prophetic life of Isa.

Not to plant the seed (as described in the bible) Or create something from nothing (as most think).

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