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The Revelation to Lut


The revelation to Lut is Surah 15

First guys let me show you the differences in the Lut story.

Surah 15 
15:57-60- The angels went to Ibrahim and mention Lut 
15:61-66- The angels went to Lut (and explained themselves)
15:67- The people of the city came to Lut
15-68-72- Lut warns them
15:73-77- The decree comes to pass 

Surah 11
11:77- The angels to Lut
11:78-79 - The people of the city came to Lut
11:80 - Lut prays for support
11:81 - The angels mention their purpose (they came to support him)
11:82-83 - The decree comes to pass

Surah 26
26:160-166 - Lut warns and mentions he is a prophet
26:167- The people of the city respond to Lut
26:169- Lut prays for support
26:170-174 - The decree comes to pass

Surah 29
29:26-30- Lut warns and prays for support
29:31-32- The angels went to Ibrahim and mention Lut
29:33-34The angels went to Lut
29:35 - The decree comes to pass

Surah 51
51:31-35 - The angels went to Ibrahim and mention Lut
51:36-37 - They mention it in PAST tense, not that they are going, but have already been.

(Luts account/his name are also mentioned in:-

6.86 (name in group)
7:80-84 (account)
21:75 (given him knowledge and wisdom)
22:42-43 (name in group)
25:40 (account)
27:54-58 (account)
37:133-138 (account)
38:13-14 (name in group)
50:13-14 (name in group)
54:33-39 (account)
66:10 (Luts wife)

Things to notice:

Surah 11 version is the standard (most agreed upon style),
where Lut brings the angels in and gives them security, while he fends off the people of the city, they tell Lut of their reason for being sent.

However, notice something very different about Surah 15 

Lut addresses the angels and their purposes are explained


the people of the city come 

So what we are seeing in this ayat is the revelations to Lut of the contents of Al-Kitab

That is why in Surah 26 Lut explains he is a prophet (Because surah 15 had already been revealed upon him) also 21.75 that knowledge has been bestowed upon him

Other thing to notice:
In Surah 11 As Lut prays for support, support is there. 

This means when we ask for Allahs support it comes instantly.

Finally also notice:
Lut offering his daughters was a safe bet because he already knew they were going to be saved

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