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The importance of the Spider's house



The example of those who take allies besides God is like the spider how it makes a home; and the weakest home is the home of the spider, if they only knew.


Most read this ayat and instantly think spider-web.

This is not what the ayat is implying.....


Ever heard of a Tarantula?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.49.07 am.png

These spider do not make web.


Tarantulas (in the order of Araneae) fall under the suborder Mygalomorphae.


1. Mygalomorphae

Generally heavily-built and hairy live in burrows underground


The other two groups are

2. Araneomorphae, 

Majority - 90% build webs have fangs that close together like a puzzle.

(instead of the Mygalomorphae fangs that move in parallel with each other)


3. Mesothelae

Small/light, live in silk-lined burrows with trapdoors, lack venom glands


The only thing in common with their houses is.........

All their houses ARE TRAPS.


Those that take allies besides Allah, SET THEMSELVES up for a trap.


The weakest home is the home of a spider and its purpose,

If only they knew.

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