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Blue = Selected characters name appears

Green = Message from Allah/ Messengers

Gold = Sayings of the selected character

Purple = “Say” (to the believers)

Light Blue = Prophets/believers

Red = Words of disbelievers/those in error

A thick line “____” represents within the same Surah, more references of the selected character.





It is not for a believing male or believing female, if God and His messenger issue any command, that they have any choice in their decision. And anyone who disobeys God and His messenger, he has gone far astray And you said to the one who was blessed by God, and blessed by you:

Keep your wife and reverence God,


and you hid inside yourself what God wished to proclaim. And you were concerned with the people, while God was more deserving that you be concerned with. So when Zayd ended his relationship with his wife, We had you marry her, to establish that there is no wrongdoing for the believers in marrying the wives of their adopted sons if their relationship is ended. And the command of God is always done. There is no blame on the prophet in doing anything that God has decreed upon him. Such was the way of God with the people of old.

And the command of God is a determined duty.

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