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Blue = Selected characters name appears

Green = Message from Allah/ Messengers

Gold = Sayings of the selected character

Purple = “Say” (to the believers)

Light Blue = Prophets/believers

Red = Words of disbelievers/those in error

A thick line “____” represents within the same Surah, more references of the selected character.

Mohammad - (Muhammad)




And Mohammed is but a messenger, like many messengers who have passed before him. If he dies or is killed will you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heels,  he will not harm God in the least.

And God will recompense the thankful.

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Mohammed is not the father of any of your men,

but he is the messenger of God and the seal of the prophets.

And God is fully aware of all things.

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And those who believe and do good works, and believe in what was sent down to Mohammed,

for it is the truth from their Lord,

He cancels for them their sins, and relieves their concern.

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AL-FATH  -48



Mohammed is the messenger of God, and those who are with him are severe against the rejecters, but merciful between themselves. You see them kneeling and prostrating, they seek the blessings and approval of God. Their distinction is in their faces, as a result of prostrating. Such is their example in the Torah. And their example in the Gospel is like a plant which shoots out and becomes strong and thick and it stands straight on its trunk, pleasing to the farmers. That He may enrage the rejecters with them. God promises those among them who believe and do good works

a forgiveness and a great reward.

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AS-SAFF  -61



And when Jesus, son of Mary, said:

O children of Israel, I am a messenger of God to you, authenticating what is between my hands of the Torah

and bringing good news of a messenger to come after me

whose name will be “most acclaimed”. (AHMAD)

But when he showed them the clear proofs,


they said:

This is clearly magic

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