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Nuh's Ark was Round

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To begin with I want show an important discovery


Ancient Babylonian Tablet Says Noah’s Ark Was Round

By Christopher Szabo, Jan 5, 2010

A newly translated ancient Babylonian clay tablet says Noah’s Ark was circular, rather than a traditional boat. The tablet is about 3,700 years old and contains instructions on building the round reed raft.


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The Quran describes Noah’s Ark with a specific word

“l-Fulki - الْفُلْكِ”

Its root letter are Fa-Lam-Kaf and it means....

"become round, anything circular, persist/persevere, ship, Ark, the place of the revolving of the stars, the celestial sphere, vault of heaven, firmament, surrounding spheres, sky, revolvement, circling, circuit, going to and fro, in a state of commotion, whirl of a spindle, one who goes around."


Nuh's intention wouldn't have been to navigate or sail. He only needed the ark to float.


Ships (in their current shape) are designed for controlling in a certain direction. 

It would have been made to be sturdy and reliable under intense weather.


In water, nothing can be safer than a circular boat…..even though it lacks directional means, possibility of sinking due to its shape would be dramatically lowered.

The Russian Novgorod (pictured) battleship made in 1874 was perfectly round and was built specifically to create the stablest platform for heavy guns



“The perceived advantage of the circular hull form was that a shallow-draught vessel could be built with a greater displacement;


For comparison, a 100-foot-long (30 m) by 13-foot-beam (4.0 m) and 13-foot-draught vessel would only displace about 2,500 tons.”


Even though its perfectly suited for water, the reason why it (circular ships) don’t exist today is mainly because of its visual appearance. Novgorod was described as the “ugliest warship ever built”.


In water, nothing can be safer than a circular boat…..even though it lacks directional means, possibility of sinking due to its shape would be dramatically lowered.


Evidence that may support round Ark:

1. There is no evidence to suggest Nuh built the very first ship in existence. This idea that he built the very first ship is a misperception. This era was known as the Bronze Age and architecture design was extremely advance I.e tower of Babylon


In 11:38 we are told the people would laugh at Nuh and his Ark. I would imagine if he was building a normal expected shaped vessel (and oversized ship shape) it wouldn't have been a laughing matter because people would have thought he was made it with the purpose to explore the greater seas.

It could possibly be that they found the shape of his Ark unconventional and therefore humorous.


2. In 11:44 we are told the Ark came to rest on Judi.

Nuh didn't direct the Ark to this spot or he didn't navigate it to land there, it came to rest. This could be more evidence that he didn't have a directional intent for the Ark but one that merely stayed afloat.


Nuhs Ark was (fulki) round because it needed to be.

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