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Is Iblis the tree of Zaqqum?


The properties of creations after death are substantially different to our current world. Unbelievers can drink boiling water and their skins keep getting regenerated. 

These properties are too extreme for us to imagine, but it will happen in hell. 

So what they are there (in hell) is very different from what they were in our current existence.

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that exists on that day (Before time runs out) must be created prior to the day. 


Man existed before going to hell.....And so must the tree of Zaqqum exist. In other words, the tree must have been created within the period of existence and creation, before it can appear in hell after the day of judgment.


In Surah 56 we see a clear example of the tree existing outside of hell. It mentions them drinking on the day of judgment from the tree and not in hell. That means the tree must have been created within our existence before it deserved to be in hell.


56:52-56 Will eat from the tree of Zaqqum, Filling your bellies therefrom,

Then drinking on top of it boiling water, 

So you will drink like thirsty camels! Such is their share on the Day of Judgment.



We all agree Allah is also most just, therefore the tree also MUST DESERVE to be in hell.


Remembering the tree must exist in our existence as well, lets identify the tree.



The tree of Zaqqum is a tree whom we are told it was created for hell


37:62-65 Is that a better destination, or the tree of Zaqqum?

We have made it a punishment for the transgressors.

It is a tree that grows in the midst of Hell.

Its shoots are like the devils heads.


44:43-47 Surely, the tree of Zaqqum, Will be the food for the sinful.

Like hot oil, it will boil in the bellies. Like the boiling of liquid.

Take him and throw him into the midst of Hell.


And 56:52-56 as mentioned before.


The tree of Zaqqum is implied to be created with fire/heat.


What was Iblis made of?


38:76 He said: I am better than he; Thou hast created me of fire

and him Thou didst create of dust.




In the next ayat a cursed tree is identified in our realm which then directly continues onto the iblis narration. There is no separation. 

Most tend translate the next ayats to be two separate unrelated subjects, but it if you read carefully they are both one narration.

Chronologically that would mean iblis is actually the tree, the cursed tree mentioned in the Quran…..



And when We said to you:  "Your Lord has encompassed the people." 

And We did not make the vision that We showed you except as a test for the people, 

and the tree that was cursed in the Qur'an. <---THE CURSED TREE

And We are making them fearful, but it only increases their transgression.

And We said to the angels: "Yield to Adam." 

So they yielded except for Iblis, <---IBLIS MENTIONED

he said: "Shall I yield to one you have created from clay!"


The tree is cursed in the Quran and so Iblis is also cursed.


[15:35] And indeed, upon you (will be) the curse till (the) Day (of) Judgment.”

[15.39] He said: My Lord! because Thou hast made life evil to me………

[7:16] He said: "For that which You have caused me to be misled, I will stalk for them on Your straight path.".......


The tree is cursed, Iblis is cursed. 

The tree is made to burn, Iblis is made of fire

They are both mentioned together in chronological order in 17:60-61



Shaitaan brings Adam to the tree, or brings Adam to Iblis:

20.120 Then whispered to him Shaitaan, he said,

“O Adam! Shall I direct you to (the) tree (of) the Eternity and a kingdom not (that will) deteriorate?”


The tree has what as its shoots (its fruits, its produce)

37:65 Its shoots are like the shaitaans heads.


The fruits of the tree "shaitaain", was tempting Adam towards the Zaqqum tree, "iblis".




So what does eating from iblis (the tree of Zaqqum) mean?


Let me explain it this way, When a baby is first born, slap it, it will cry (please don't slap babies, hypothetical of course)

Nobody taught the baby how to cry but the baby knows for the relief of pain, crying helps.


Instantly the baby knows pain is wrong. As the baby matures it knows the diffence between playing and fake pain, which brings it joy compared to actual pain which it upsets it.

We all know right from wrong and its something inbuilt. Its natural instinct.



You watch a man beating his wife for pleasure.

Does Allah really need to teach you what your witnessing is wrong on all levels?


Some will sit back, their own self would hold them back, and they will say why should I get involved?

No matter which faith (or faithless) the person who assists this women is fighting in the way of Allah.


Even if an idol worshipper assists, his natural instinct is to do good and that is from God.



Cause at that moment he is fighting for justice, one of his glorious names, Al'Adl, (The Most Just)


If however, his own self supersedes his judgement,

then it is from himself RESTRICTING the name of Allah, the goodness from Allah from being heard.

Faith or no faith - Acting upon the goodness of natural instinct is from God.


Following Iblis is EXACTLY this. 

Denying any goodness from Allah for being proud (the ONLY trait we are told iblis has) is following iblis.





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