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Blue = Selected characters name appears

Green = Message from Allah/ Messengers

Gold = Sayings of the selected character

Purple = “Say” (to the believers)

Light Blue = Prophets/believers

Red = Words of disbelievers/those in error

A thick line “____” represents within the same Surah, more references of the selected character.

Pharaoh - (Firon)




And We saved you from the people of Pharaoh,

they were afflicting you with the worst punishment; they used to slaughter your children, and rape your women.

In that was a great test from your Lord.

And We parted the sea for you, thus We saved you

and drowned the people of Pharaoh while you were watching.

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As for those who rejected, neither their money nor their children will avail them anything from God. They are the fuel of the Fire. Like the behavior of the people of Pharaoh and those before them. They rejected Our signs so God took them for their sins. God is awesome in retribution.


Say to those who have rejected:

"You will be defeated and gathered towards Hell,

what a miserable abode!

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Then after them We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his commanders. But they did wrong in them, so see how is the end of the corrupters.


And Moses said:

"O Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds."

"It is not proper for me to say about God except the truth;

I have come to you with a proof from your Lord.

So send with me the Children of Israel."


He said:

"If you have come with a sign then bring it, if you are of the truthful?"


He threw down his staff and it manifested into a serpent.

And he drew out his hand, and it became pure white for the onlookers.


The commanders from among the people of Pharaoh said:

"This is a knowledgeable magician! He wishes to drive you out of your land; what is your command?"


They said:

"Delay him and his brother, and send gatherers to the cities."

"They will come to you with every knowledgeable magician."


And the magicians came to Pharaoh, they said:

"We require a reward if we are the victors."


He said:

"Yes, and you will be made close to me."


They said:

"O Moses, either you cast, or we will cast?"


He said:

"You cast."


So when they cast, they bewitched the eyes of the people,

and instilled terror in them, and they came with a great magic.


And We inspired Moses:

"Throw down your staff;"

and it swallowed what they invented.


Thus the truth was set, and what they did was made of no effect. They were thus defeated there and then, and they turned in disgrace. And the magicians went down prostrating.


They said:

"We believe in the Lord of the worlds."

"The Lord of Moses and Aaron."


Pharaoh said:

"Have you become believers before I have given you permission? This is surely some scheme which you have schemed in the city to drive its people out; you will reveal what you know. I will cut off your hands and feet from alternate sides, then I will crucify you all."


They said:

"It is to our Lord that we will return. And you are only seeking revenge on us because we believed in the signs of our Lord when they came to us. Our Lord, provide us with patience, and let us die as submitters."


And the commanders from among the people of Pharaoh said:

"Will you let Moses and his people corrupt the land,

and abandon you and your gods?"


He said: 

"We will kill their children and rape their women; 

we will be supreme over them."


Moses said to his people: 

"Seek help with God, and be patient; the earth is for God, 

He will inherit it to whom He pleases of His servants; 

and the ending will be for the righteous."


They said: 

"We were being harmed before you came to us and since you have come to us." 


He said: 

"Perhaps your Lord will destroy your enemy, and make you successors in the land, so He sees how you work?"


And We afflicted the people of Pharaoh with years of drought, and a shortage in crops, perhaps they would remember.

When any good came to them, 


they said:

"This is ours," 

and when any bad afflicted them, they blamed it on Moses and those with him. Their blame is with God, but most of them do not know.


And they said: 

"No matter what you bring us of a sign to bewitch us with, 

we will never believe in you."


So We sent them the flood, and the locust, and the lice, and the frogs, and the blood; all detailed signs; but they turned arrogant, they were a criminal people.


And when the plague befell them, they said: 

"O Moses, call on your Lord for what He has pledged with you, 

that if you remove this plague from us, then we will believe in you and we will send with you the Children of Israel."


So when We removed from them the plague until a future time; they broke their pledge. We thus took vengeance upon them by drowning them in the sea, for their denial of Our signs, 

and their disregard of them. And We let the people who were weak inherit the east of the land and the west of it which We have blessed. And the good word of your Lord was completed towards the Children of Israel for their patience; and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people were doing, 

and what they contrived. And We let the Children of Israel cross the sea, then they came upon a people who were devoted to statues made for them; 


they said: 

"O Moses, make for us a god like they have gods?" 


He said: 

"You are an ignorant people! These people are ruined for what they are in, and evil is what they do."


He said: 

"Shall I seek other than God as a god for you when He has preferred you over the worlds?"


And We had saved you from the people of Pharaoh, they were afflicting you with the worst punishment; they used to kill your children and rape your women; and in that was a great test from your Lord.

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And if you could only see as the angels terminate the lives of those who have rejected, they strike their faces and their backs:

"Taste the punishment of the blazing Fire! This is for what your hands have delivered, and God does not wrong the servants."


Like the behavior of the people of Pharaoh, and those before them; they rejected the signs of God, so God took them by their sins. God is Strong, severe in punishment. That is because God was not to change any blessing He bestowed upon a people, unless they change what is in themselves. 

God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.

Like the behavior of the people of Pharaoh, and those before them; they denied the signs of their Lord, so We destroyed them by their sins, and We drowned the people of Pharaoh; all of them were wicked.

The worst creatures to God are those who reject,

for they do not believe.

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YUNUS  -10



Then, after them, We sent Moses and Aaron with Our signs to Pharaoh and his leaders, but they turned arrogant, they were a criminal people. So when the truth came to them from Us,

they said:

"This is clearly magic!"


Moses said:

"Would you say this about the truth when it came to you? Is this magic? The magicians will not be successful."


They said:

"Have you come to us to turn us away from that which we found our fathers upon, and so that you two would have greatness in the land? We will not believe in you."


And Pharaoh said:

"Bring me every knowledgeable magician."


So, when the magicians came, Moses said to them:

"Cast what you will cast."


So when they cast, Moses said:

"What you have brought is magic, God will disable it. God does not set right the works of the corrupters. And so that God will set the truth with His words, even if the criminals hate it."


But none believed in Moses from his people except some from their descendants, because of their fear from Pharaoh and his commanders that he would persecute them.

Pharaoh was high in the land, and he was of the tyrants.


And Moses said:

"O my people, if you believe in God, then put your trust in Him if you have submitted."


They said:

"In God we put our trust. Our Lord, do not make us a test for the wicked people." "And save us by Your mercy from the rejecting people."


And We inspired to Moses and his brother:

"Let your people leave their homes in Egypt, and let these homes be your focal point, and hold the contact prayer. And give good news to the believers."


And Moses said:

"Our Lord, you have given Pharaoh and his commanders adornments and wealth in this worldly life so that they will misguide from Your path. Our Lord, wipe out their wealth and bring grief to their hearts; for they will not believe until they see the painful retribution."


He said:

"Your call has been responded to, so keep straight and do not follow the path of those who do not know."


And We helped the Children of Israel cross the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers followed them out of hatred and animosity. But when he was certain to drown,

he said:

"I believe that there is no god except the One in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am of those who have submitted."


"Now you say this?

While before you disobeyed and were of the corrupters!"

"This day, We will preserve your body, so that you become a sign for those after you."


But most of the people are unaware of Our signs!

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HUD  -11



To Pharaoh and his commanders; but they followed the order of Pharaoh; and the order of Pharaoh was not wise.

He will be at the head of his people on the Day of Resurrection, and he will lead them to the Fire.

What a miserable place they will be brought in!

And they were followed by a curse in this one, and on the Day of Resurrection. What a miserable path to follow!

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AL-ISRA  -17



And We had given Moses nine clear signs.

So ask the Children of Israel, when he came to them,

then Pharaoh said:

"I think that you Moses are bewitched!"


He said:

"You know that no one has sent these down except for the Lord of the heavens and the earth as visible proofs.

And I think that you Pharaoh are doomed!"


So he wanted to entice them out of the land.

But We drowned him and all those with him.

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TA-HA  -20



"Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed."

"So say to him soft words, perhaps he will remember or be concerned."


They said:

"Our Lord, we fear that he would let loose upon us, or transgress."


He said:

"Do not fear, I am with you, I hear and I see."


So come to him and say:

"We are messengers from your Lord, so send with us the Children of Israel, and do not punish them. We have come to you with a sign from your Lord, and peace be upon those who follow the guidance. It has been inspired to us that the retribution will be upon he who denies and turns away."


He said:

"So who is the lord of you both O Moses?"


He said:

"Our Lord is the One who gave everything its creation, then guided."


He said:

"What then has happened to the previous generations?"


He said:

"The knowledge of it is with my Lord, in a record.

My Lord does not err or forget."

The One who made for you the earth habitable and He made ways for you in it, and He brought down water from the sky,

so We brought out with it pairs of vegetation of all types.

Eat and raise your livestock, in that are signs for those of thought. From it We created you and in it We return you,

and from it We bring you out another time.


And We showed him Our signs, all of them, but he denied and refused.

He said:

"Have you come to us to take us out of our land

with your magic O Moses? We will bring you a magic like it,

so let us make an appointment between us and you

which neither of us will break, a place where we both agree."


He said:

"Your appointment is the day of festival,

and when the people start crowding during the late morning."


So Pharaoh went away, and he gathered his plan then he came.


Moses said to them:

"Woe to you, do not invent lies about God, else the retribution will take you, and miserable is the one who invents."


So they disputed in their matter between themselves,

and they kept private their counsel.


They said:

"These are but two magicians who want to take you out of your land with their magic, and they want to do away with your ideal way. So agree your plan, then come as one front.

Whoever wins today will succeed."


They said:

"O Moses, either you cast down or we will be the first to cast down."


He said:

"You cast down."


So their ropes and staffs appeared from their magic

as if they were moving. And Moses held some fear in himself.


We said:

"Do not fear, you will best them. And cast down what is in your right hand it will consume what they have made. They have only made the plans of a magician, and the magician will not succeed no matter what he does."


So the magicians went down in prostration.

They said:

"We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses."


He said:

"Have you believed to him before taking my permission?

He is surely your great one who has taught you magic.

So, I will cut off your hands and feet from alternate sides,

and I will crucify you on the trunks of the palm trees,

and you will come to know which of us is greater in retribution

and more lasting!"


They said:

"We will not prefer you over the proofs that have come to us,

and over the One who initiated us. So issue whatever judgment you have, for you only issue judgment in this worldly life. We have believed in our Lord that He may forgive us our wrongdoings, and what you had forced us into doing of magic;

and God is better and more lasting."


He who comes to his Lord as a criminal, he will have Hell,

where he will neither die in it nor live. And he who comes to Him as a believer doing good works, for those will be the highest ranks., Gardens of delight, with rivers flowing beneath them, abiding therein. Such is the reward of he who is developed.


And We inspired to Moses:

"Take My servants out, and strike for them a path through the sea that is dry. You shall not fear being overtaken, nor be concerned."


So Pharaoh followed them with his soldiers, but the sea cameover them and covered them.

Thus, Pharaoh misled his people and he did not guide.

Anchor 8





Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our signs and a clear authority. To Pharaoh and his commanders.

But they became arrogant, for they were a high and mighty people.

So they said:

"Shall we believe to two human beings like us,

while their people are servants to us?"


So they denied them, and they became of those who were destroyed.

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And when your Lord called to Moses:

"Go to the people who are wicked."

"The people of Pharaoh. Will they not be righteous?"


He said:

"My Lord, I fear that they would deny me."

"And my chest would become tight, and my tongue would not be able to express; so send for Aaron." And they have charges of a crime against me, so I fear they will kill me."


He said:

"Indeed not! Go both of you with Our signs. I am with you listening. So both of you go to Pharaoh and say:

'We are messengers of the Lord of the worlds'

'So send with us the Children of Israel'"


He said:

"Did we not raise you among us as a new born,

and you stayed with us for many of your years?"

"And you did that deed you did, and you are of the rejecters."


He said:


"I did it, and I was of those misguided. So I ran away from you all, for I feared you. So my Lord granted me judgment, and made me of the messengers."

"And is it a favor that you taunt me with,

so you could continue to enslave the Children of Israel?"


Pharaoh said:

"And what is the Lord of the worlds?"


He said:

"The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you are aware."


He said to those around him:

"Do you hear that?"


He said:

"Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of old!"


He said:

"This messenger of yours who has been sent to you is crazy!"


He said:

"The Lord of the east and the west, and what is between them,

if you comprehend."


He said:

"If you take a god other than me, then I will put you among the prisoners."


He said:

"What if I brought you proof?"


He said:

"Then bring it forth if you are of the truthful ones."


So he cast his staff, then it manifested into a serpent. And he drew out his hand, then it became white to the onlookers.


He said to the commanders around him:

"This is a knowledgeable magician!"

"He wants to bring you out of your land with his magic.

So what will you decide?"


They said:

"Delay him and his brother, and send gatherers to the cities."

"They will come to you with every knowledgeable magician."


So the magicians were gathered to an appointed day.

And it was said to the people:

"Will you also gather?"

"Perhaps we can follow the magicians if they are the winners."


So when the magicians came, they said to Pharaoh:

"We should be rewarded if we are the winners."


He said:

"Yes, and you shall also be near to me."


Moses said to them:

"Cast down what it is you will cast."


So they cast down their ropes and staffs and they said:

"By the might of Pharaoh, we will be the winners."


So Moses cast down his staff, then it was eating-up all that they showed! So the magicians went down prostrating.


They said:

We believe in the Lord of the worlds! 

The Lord of Moses and Aaron.


He said:

"Have you believed unto him before I permitted you? He is surely your great one who has taught you magic. So you shall come to know, I will cut off your hands and feet from alternate sides, and I will crucify you all."


They said:

"There is no worry, for we are all returning to our Lord."

"We hope that our Lord will forgive us our wrongdoings,

as we are the first to believe."


And We inspired Moses:

"Take away My servants, for you will be followed."


So Pharaoh sent gatherers to the cities.

"These are but a small band. And they have done what has enraged us. And we are all gathered and forewarned."


So, We evicted them out of gardens and springs.

And treasures and an honorable station.

As such, We gave it to the Children of Israel.

So they were pursued at sunrise.

But when the two groups saw each other,

the companions of Moses said:

"We are caught!"


He said:

"No, my Lord is with me and He will guide me."


So We inspired to Moses:

"Strike the sea with your staff."


So it split into two, each side like a great mountain.

And We then brought them to the other side.

And We saved Moses and all those with him.

Then We drowned the others.

In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.

And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.

Anchor 10

AL-NAML  -27



So when he came to it he was called:

"Blessed is the One at the fire and whoever is around it, and glory to God, Lord of the worlds. O Moses, it is I God, the Noble, the Wise. And throw down your staff."


So when he saw it vibrate as if it were a Jinn,

he ran away and would not turn back.

"O Moses, do not fear, for My messengers shall have no fear from Me. Except he who has done wrong. But then if he replaces the evil deed with good, then I am Forgiving, Merciful. And place your hand into your pocket; it will come out white with no blemish, one of nine signs to Pharaoh and his people;

for they are a wicked people."


So when Our signs came to them for all to see, they said:

"This is clearly magic!"


And they rejected them, while their souls knew,

out of transgression and arrogance.

So see how it ended for the wicked.

Anchor 11




We recite to you from the news of Moses and Pharaoh with fact, for a people who believe. Pharaoh became mighty in the land, and he turned its people into factions; he oppressed a group of them by killing their children and raping their women. He was of those who corrupted. And We wanted to help those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors. And to enable them in the land, and to show Pharaoh and Haamaan and their troops what they had feared.

And We inspired to Moses' mother:

"Suckle him, and when you become fearful for him, then cast him off in the sea, and do not fear nor grieve. We will return him to you and We will make him of the messengers."

Then the family of Pharaoh picked him up, so he would be an enemy to them and a source of sadness. Certainly, Pharaoh and Haamaan and their troops were wrongdoers.


And the wife of Pharaoh said:

"A pleasure to my eye and yours, so do not kill him,

perhaps he will benefit us or we may take him as a son;"

while they did not perceive.





"Place your hand into your pocket. It will come out white without any blemish, and fold your hand close to your side against fear.  These are two proofs from your Lord,  to Pharaoh and his commanders; for they are a wicked people."


He said: 

"My Lord, I have killed a person from them, so I fear that they will kill me. And my brother Aaron is more eloquent in speech than I. So send him with me to help and to confirm me.

For I fear that they will deny me."


He said: 

"We will strengthen you with your brother, and We will provide you both with authority. Thus, they will not be able to touch either one of you. With Our signs, the two of you, 

along with those who follow you, will be the victors."


So when Moses went to them with Our clear signs, 

they said:

"This is nothing but fabricated magic; nor did we hear of this from our fathers of old!"


And Moses said: 

"My Lord is fully aware of who has come with the guidance from Him, and who will have the best deal in the Hereafter. 

The wicked never succeed."


And Pharaoh said:

"O commanders, I have not known of any god for you other than me. Therefore, O Haamaan, fire-up the bricks and make for me a high platform, so perhaps I may take a look at the god of Moses; though I think he is one of the liars."


And he and his soldiers were arrogant in the land without any right, and they thought that they would not be returned to Us.

So We took him and his soldiers, and We cast them into the sea. So see how was the end of the wicked!

We made them leaders, inviting to the Fire. 

And on the Day of Resurrection, they will not be supported.

Anchor 12




And 'Aad and Thamud. Much was made apparent to you from their dwellings. The devil had adorned their works in their eyes, thus he diverted them from the path, even though they could see. And Qaroon, and Pharaoh, and Haamaan; Moses went to them with clear proofs. But they became arrogant in the land, and they were not the first. We took each by his sins.

Some of them We sent upon him violent winds, some of them were taken by the scream, some of them We caused the earth to swallow, and some of them We drowned. God is not the One who wronged them; it is they who wronged themselves.

The example of those who take allies besides God is like the spider how it makes a home; and the weakest home is the home of the spider, if only they knew. God knows that what they are calling on besides Him is nothing. He is the Noble, the Wise. Such are the examples We put forth for the people, but none comprehend except the knowledgeable.

Anchor 13

SAD  -38



Disbelieving before them were the people of Noah, 'Aad,

and Pharaoh with the planks.

Anchor 14




To Pharaoh, Haamaan, and Qaroon. 

But they said: 

A lying magician!


Then, when the truth came to them from Us, 

they said: 

Kill the children of those who believed with him, and rape their women. 


But the planning of the rejecters is always in error.

And Pharaoh said: 

Leave me to kill Moses, and let him call upon his Lord. 

I fear that he may change your system, or that he will cause evil to spread throughout the land.


And Moses said: 

I seek refuge with my Lord and your Lord from every arrogant one who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning


And a believing man from among the people of Pharaoh

who had concealed his belief, said: 

Will you kill a man simply for saying: 

My Lord is God, and he has come to you with proofs from your Lord? And if he is a liar, then his lie will be upon him, and if he is truthful, then some of what he is promising you will afflict you. For God does not guide any transgressor, liar.

O my people, you have the kingship today throughout the land. 

But then who will save us against the torment of God, 

should it come to us? 


Pharaoh said:

I am showing you that which I see, and I am guiding you in the right path.


And the one who believed said: 

O my people, I fear for you the same fate as the day of the opponents. Like the fate of the people of Noah, Aad, and Thamud, and those after them. And God does not wish any injustice for the servants. And, O my people, I fear for you the Day of mutual blaming. A Day when you will turn around and flee, you will have no protector besides God, and whoeverGod sends astray, then there is none who can guide him.

And Joseph had come to you before with proofs, 

but you remained in doubt regarding what he came to you with,  until when he died, 

you said:

God will not send any messenger after him. 


It is such that God sends astray he who is a transgressor, doubter. Those who dispute about the revelations of God without any authority that has come to them, it is greatly abhorred with God and with those who believe. God thus seals the hearts of every arrogant tyrant.


And Pharaoh said: 

O Haamaan, build for me a high platform that I may uncover the secrets. The secrets of the heavens, so that I may take a look at the god of Moses; though I think he is a liar. 


Thus the evil works of Pharaoh were adorned for him, 

and he was blocked from the path. 

And the planning of Pharaoh brought nothing but regret.


And the one who believed said: 

O my people, follow me, and I will guide you to the right path.

O my people, this worldly life is but an enjoyment, while the Hereafter is the permanent abode. Whoever does a sin, will not be requited except for its equivalent, and whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, then those will be admitted to the Paradise, where they will receive provision without reckoning. And, O my people, why is it that I invite you to salvation, while you invite me to the Fire! You invite me to reject God,  and set up partners besides Him that I have no knowledge of,  and I am inviting you to the Noble, the Forgiver.

There is no doubt that what you invite me to has no basis in this world, nor in the Hereafter. And our ultimate return will be to God, and that the transgressors will be the dwellers of the Fire. You will come to remember what I am telling you, and I leave my affair in this matter to God; for God is the Seer of the servants.


So God protected him from the evil of what they schemed,  while the people of Pharaoh have incurred the worst retribution.

The Fire, which they will be exposed to morning and evening, and on the Day when the Hour is established: 

Admit the people of Pharaoh into the most severe of the retribution.

Anchor 15




And We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his commanders; so he said:

I am a messenger of the Lord of the worlds.


But when he came to them with Our signs, they laughed at them. And every sign We showed them was greater than the one before it, and We seized them with the torment, perhaps they would return.


And they said:

O you magician, call on your Lord for what pledge He gave you;

we will then be guided.


But when We removed the torment from them, they broke their word.


And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people:

O my people, do I not possess the kingship of Egypt, and these rivers that flow below me? Do you not see? Am I not better than this one who is despised and he can barely be understood? Why then are not golden bracelets bestowed on him, or the angels are accompanying him?


He thus convinced his people, and they obeyed him; they were a wicked people. So when they persisted in opposing Us,

We sought revenge from them, and drowned them all.

We thus made them a thing of the past, and an example for the others.

Anchor 16




And We had tested before them the people of Pharaoh, and an honorable messenger came to them.

Restore to me the servants of God. I am a trustworthy messenger to you. And, do not transgress against God. I come to you with clear authority. And I seek refuge with my Lord and your Lord, should you stone me. And if you do not believe in me, then have no dealing with me.


Subsequently, he called on his Lord:

These are a criminal people.


You shall travel with My servants during the night; you will be pursued. And cross the sea quickly; their troops will be drowned.


How many gardens and springs did they leave behind?

And crops and an honorable station? And blessings that they enjoyed? Thus it was; and We caused another people to inherit it. Neither the heaven, nor the earth wept over them,

and they were not respited. And We saved the Children of Israel from the humiliating agony. From Pharaoh; he was a transgressing tyrant. And We have chosen them, out of knowledge, over the worlds. And We granted them signs, which constituted a great test.

Anchor 17

QAF  -50



Before their denial was that of the people of Noah, and the dwellers of Al-Raas, and Thamud. And Aad, and Pharaoh, and the brethren of Lot.

Anchor 18





And also Moses, for We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authority. But he and his camp turned away, and said:

A magician, or crazy.


So We took him and his troops; We cast them into the sea,

and he was to blame.

Anchor 19




And the warnings had come to the people of Pharaoh.

They rejected all Our signs.

So We took them, the taking of the Noble, the Able.

Anchor 20




And God puts forth as an example of those who believed

the wife of Pharaoh.

She said:

My Lord, build a home for me near You in the Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his works; and save me from the transgressing people.

Anchor 21




And Pharaoh, and those before him, and the sinners, came with wrongdoing. They disobeyed the messenger of their Lord.

So He took them with a devastating requital.

Anchor 22




We have sent to you a messenger as a witness over you,

as We have sent to Pharaoh a messenger. But Pharaoh disobeyed the messenger, so We took him in a severe manner.

Anchor 23




Did the narrative of Moses come to you?

His Lord called him at the holy valley of Tuwa.

Go to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed. 

Tell him: 

Would you not be purified?

And I will guide you to your Lord, that you may be concerned.


He then showed him the great sign. But he disbelieved and rebelled. Then he turned away in a hurry.

So he gathered and proclaimed.

He said:

I am your lord, the most high.


So God seized him for punishment in the Hereafter, and for the first life. In that is a lesson for those who are concerned.

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Has narrative of the soldiers come to you?

Pharaoh and Thamud? No, those who rejected are in denial. And God after them is encompassing.

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AL-FAJR  -89



And Pharaoh with the planks? They all transgressed in the land. And made much corruption therein.

So your Lord poured upon them a measure of retribution.

Your Lord is ever watchful.

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