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Blue = Selected characters name appears

Green = Message from Allah/ Messengers

Gold = Sayings of the selected character

Purple = “Say” (to the believers)

Light Blue = Prophets/believers

Red = Words of disbelievers/those in error

A thick line “____” represents within the same Surah, more references of the selected character.





Qaroon was from among the people of Moses, but he betrayed them. And We gave him such treasures that the keys thereof were almost too heavy for the strongest person. 

His people said to him: 

"Do not glee, for God does not love the gleeful. And seek with the provisions bestowed upon you by God the abode of the Hereafter, and do not forget your share in this world, and do good as God has done good to you. And do not seek corruption in the land. God does not love the corrupters."


He said: 

"I have attained all this only because of my own knowledge." 


Did he not realize that God had annihilated before him generations that were much stronger than he, and greater in riches? The transgressors were not asked about their crimes.

Then he came out among his people draped in his ornaments.

Those who preferred this worldly life said: 

"Oh, if only we were given similar to what Qaroon has been given. Indeed, he is very fortunate."


And those who were blessed with knowledge said: 

"Woe to you! The reward from God is far better for those who believe and do good work. And none attains it except the steadfast."


We then caused the earth to swallow him and his mansion. He had no group that could protect him against God; nor would he be victorious. And those who wished they were in his place the day before said:

"Indeed it is God Who provides or restricts for whoever He chooses from among His servants. Had it not been for the grace of God towards us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us as well. We now realize that the rejecters never succeed."


Such will be the abode of the Hereafter; 

We reserve it for those who do not seek prestige on the earth, 

nor corruption; and the ending will be for the righteous.

Whoever brings forth a good deed, he will receive a better reward than it. And whoever brings forth a sin then the retribution for their sins will be to the extent of their deeds.

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And Qaroon, and Pharaoh, and Haamaan;

Moses went to them with clear proofs. But they became arrogant in the land, and they were not the first.

We took each by his sins. Some of them We sent upon him violent winds, some of them were taken by the scream, some of them We caused the earth to swallow, and some of them We drowned. God is not the One who wronged them; it is they who wronged themselves. The example of those who take allies besides God is like the spider how it makes a home;and the weakest home is the home of the spider, if only they knew.

God knows that what they are calling on besides Him is nothing. He is the Noble, the Wise. Such are the examples We put forth for the people, but none comprehend except the knowledgeable.

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And We had sent Moses with Our signs, and a clear authority. To Pharaoh, Haamaan, and Qaroon.

But they said:

A lying magician!


Then, when the truth came to them from Us,

they said:

Kill the children of those who believed with him, and rape their women. But the planning of the rejecters is always in error.

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