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Nuh sailed on the Alwah of Allah



We carried him on a craft made of planks (أَلْوَاح) (ALWAHIN) and nails.


He travelled on the Alwahin, where else do we find the word "Alwah"?



No, it is a glorious Quran. In a tablet (لَوْحٍ) (ALAWHIN) preserved.


THE QURAN is also a Alwah. Who else received the Alwah?



(Direct to Musa) And We wrote for him on the tablets ( الْأَلْوَاحِ)  (l-ALWAHIN) from all things a lesson, and detailing all things. Take it with strength and order your people to take the best from it. I will show you the abode of the wicked.



And when the anger subsided from Moses,  he took the tablets; ( الْأَلْوَاحَ) (l-ALWAHA) and in its inscription was a guidance and a mercy for those who reverence their Lord.



And when Moses returned to his people,  angry and grieved, he said:  "Miserable is what you have done  after I was gone; do you wish to hasten the action  of your Lord?" 

And he cast down the tablets,  ( الْأَلْوَاحَ) (l-ALWAHA) and took his brother by his head dragging him towards him.  He said: "Son of my mother, the people overpowered me and nearly killed me, 

so do not make the enemies rejoice over me, and do not make me with the wicked people."



1. Nuh Travelled on the Alwah.

2. Musa is given the Alwah which guide him

3. The Quran is also called the Alwah


Hence we can cleafrly identify there is no other book. 

The Law (Torah) given to Musa and the words that Nuh sailed to safety with is within the Alwah, (THE QURAN).


THERE IS NO OTHER BOOK, All books are within the Al-Kitab between our hands.



Those who rejected among the people of the Book <-------

and the polytheists would not leave until a proof came to them.

A messenger from God reciting purified scripts.<-----( Quran )

In them are valuable books. <-----


Explaining all the other books are within this ONE BOOK.

Some may debate that the Torah of Musa is a different scripture.


The Quran use the words ( بَيْنَ يَدَيْهِ) BAYNA YADAYI when explaining the Torah and Injeel.


Bayna Yadayi does NOT mean "before him" as translated by most.


It literally means "BETWEEN MY HANDS (TWO)".


When you read the Quran and the governing laws,  (the ayats that commands your do's and don't) The Kitab BECOMES the Torah ... THE LAW

When you read the good news, The Kitab BECOMES the Injeel.... THE GOOD NEWS

When you read out the words of Allah out allowed, then the Al-Kitab BECOMES the Quran

(meaning "recitation") 

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