Every nation got exactly what it deserves.

Reap what you sow.

Every nation got exactly the prophet they deserved.​


And for every nation is a messenger;

so when their messenger comes,

the matter is decreed between them with justice, and they are not wronged.


  • Approx time period Bronze Age,

  • Famous for buildings/ architecture

  • Tower of Babylon

  • Built an ark

  • Only his built ark survives


  • Had an idol making father

  • Went against his father

  • His own Father wanted his death

  • Is considered the father of our faith

  • Fathered two prophet sons

  • Sacrifice his son, lamb given to him instead

  • Had to leave his son in middle of desert


  • Nation obsessed with homosexuality

  • Offered his two virgin daughters to the disbelievers, just so they find the right path.


  • Has a dream as a young boy

  • Was very attractive

  • (Quite literally he was "man of their dreams”

  • Interprets dream in jail of 2 men

  • Interprets kings dream

  • His first dream becomes reality


  • Magicians deceive and turn stick into serpents

  • Musa also turns stick into a serpent

  • Hand come out pure (white)

  • Parted Ocean

  • Plague (nine clear signs)

  • Staff hits rock, water gushes into twelve streams

  • Dead comes to life with strike of sacrificed cow

Sulaiman – BLACK MAGIC

  • Book of babylon is mentioned

  • People believe in spirits

  • He can control the spirits, jinn worked for him

  • Unmatchable wealth and military control

  • Gets a throne teleported.

  • Knowledge of the book is present.

  • Out of Body Experience.

  • Controlled the Winds

  • Spoke the language of animals

Isa – Medicine

  • Born from a virgin

  • Spoke from the cradle

  • Healed the sick

  • Raised the dead

  • Gave us food (last supper)

  • Told us what to store in our houses

  • Everything he did went against the law of medicine


  • Arabic language TILL THIS DAY is considered as the richest language.

  • For the same reason, Arabic is still considered to have the most meaningful poetry in the world. 

  • A man reveals a book which silences everyone, precise and complete, written with both prose and poetry intertwined and within mathematical and scientific correctness